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Beware of Gutter Screens!

Don’t believe the hype. I learned a long time ago that gutter screens are mostly a waste of people’s time and money. There are many types of screens out there, and for one reason or another they don’t work. There is nothing out there that prevents the leaves from getting into the gutters 100%. Yes they can slow the accumulation down but you cannot depend on them to completely to stop the debris from entering the gutters. Most of the install yourself screens are either falling into the gutters clogging them up more or getting blown away. The gutter hoods are the biggest joke. They can’t handle the volume of water an open gutter can. In moderate to heavy rain these only ramp the water off the roof defeating the purpose of the gutter system altogether. Once the birds get in there, and they will, they are nearly impossible to get rid of. When it comes time to clean these gutters good luck! The top cover doesn’t open for any access inside the gutter at all making it almost impossible to get the debris out. Most people who install screens tend to ignore there gutter and wind up with the biggest problems. The Bottom line is that it is very important to monitor your gutter system with or without screens. Allowing a clog to trap water in the gutter is a very bad situation year round. A clogged gutter in the winter will trap all the water in the gutter and it will eventually freeze. This extra weight will likely pull the gutter away from the house which is in most cases is the beginning of the water damage process. Clogged gutters in the spring and summer months can cause a major health risk with the infestation of mosquitoes. Many people think “yeah I put screens up now I can forget about my gutters; they will never have to be cleaned again.” Those are usually the people who we wind up giving replacement estimates and yearly maintenance programs to!


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