Gutter cleanings is where it all started. At first it was a great way to pay my way through college since it was very flexible. After graduation I was making pretty good money at it and had amassed a couple hundred customers. I couldn’t let it go. When I told my mother that I wanted to start a professional gutter cleaning service, she thought I was a little crazy. Even though she knew that I was very hard working, and always has had faith in me she was still concerned. You can’t clean gutter your whole life she said. It was very seasonal at first, and the first three years were real tough. I stuck to it and shortly it developed through my experience.

When we clean the gutters we do everything by hand to remove the leaves and debris from the gutters. All the garbage is placed into plastic bags (which we supply) and not thrown off the roof onto the property. We don’t want to clean one thing and dirty another. We don’t however take the bags with us they are tied and placed normally near the homeowner’s garbage cans, unless requested otherwise. All the leaders are then flushed out with water using our own hoses. If the temperature is below freezing we will then use a snake to remove the leaves and debris from the leader pipes and elbows. If you have problems with your gutters having them cleaned is the cheapest and best way to determine if you need any repairs or not. After a cleaning is done we can then determine the condition of the gutters better and give a more detailed estimate on all repairs or replacements.

nogutterscreensWe have a large customer base and it’s always constantly growing and growing. We have a customized computer program that helps us keep track of all of our customer’s information. This makes it very convenient for our customers when it comes time to schedule an appointment. When a customer calls all we need is their last name and we can access all of their information from there. We keep track of how often we have been to the house and what service we provided at that time and what it cost. We also send out a mailing to all of our customers twice a year. Once in the first week in Nov. and again in late May. These are intended as a reminder to our existing customers so they can call in and book their desired date in advance. Many of our customers know how busy we get at these times and either call way in advance or have had to wait because they called to late. Most of the year you can call and schedule an appointment for a few days away. In the fall and in the spring you have to call about two weeks in advance. We give our customers about a three-hour time frame as to when we can be expected. We do our best at keeping all of our appointments. Gutter cleaning is not an exact science, and things sometimes do happen to slow the crews up, but we’re usually on time. We also have a service plan where we come automatically twice a year to maintain the gutters. Customers on the plan never need to make an appointment. We come usually after Thanksgiving and then again in June. We don’t call the customer and inform them when we are coming. The customer can pay us after the service is done if they are home, or we will leave a bill inside a self-addressed envelope in the mailbox. There are a lot of fly by night operations out there, so be weary of them. If your looking for a company to give you consistent fair and reliable service look no further.

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